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Touches of time

The name of this year’s exhibition of classic and alternative photograhy has not been chosen randomly. In the last few decades time has been accelerating its pulse. Now it is throbbing in a fast rhythm of electroswing and ‚smart‘ applications, driving the masses forward. No step back. There seems to bee less and less time and we constantly deal with its shortage, pressure and speed. We swirl in a maelstrom out of control, ceasing to perceive the natural movement around us. Changing of seasons, internal biorhythms, global social and climate changes …


Our exhibition Touches of time is open to everyone who uses classic, historical, or alternative photography techniques in their work. Our intention is not a campaign against the ‚digital‘, its use is permitted in combination with other techniques. We want to present a receptive audience with works connected with the theme of time, not only by content but also by form. Photohraphs, that emerge gradually, often through time-consuming methods; whether they are technically exact and sophisticated processes or experimental ‚trial and error‘ ones. Photographs, whose creation precede long hours spent outdoors, in a darkroom or workshop.

We invite to participation all the authors who are not afraid to test their patience, to repeatedly risk a failed result and often even their health when working with chemicals.

We have extended the deadline for sending submissions until 30 May 2015.

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title photo: Miloš Mráz