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Open call for entries „Touches of time 2016“ exhibition

AFUK announces another call for entries for the exhibition Touches of time, which is currently on display in Slovakia. In summer 2016 the extended exhibition moves to Poland to the premises of Filharmonia Świętokrzyská in Kielce. Are you going to join us?

Why we have chosen this topic and what we expect from the authors.

Time as the key topic of the current exhibition was not a random choice. On one hand, this real and measurable phenomenon touches everyday lives of all individuals. On the other hand, Time represents a perfect illusion penetrating the entire universal being. Past always wins over elusive present moments heading towards non-existing future. How frustrating and at the same time provoking and inspiring … Time can be perceived from many angles, which makes it attractive for philosophy and art, which in our view complement each other.

*Can we learn from the mistakes of the past? Ar we able to consciously experience the present time? Where are we going?*

Time is not interested in our musing; it flows without our interference and yet, it touches everyone all the time. However, each of us is touched in different ways. Touches may be motherly kind, impatient, or longing and sorrowful at the same time. They are perceived in a certain way by a child and in a very different way by an eldrely man. Moments when time stops to touch us are usually fleeting and precious. If they are captured, a bird´s eye view is possible or rarely even some insight may occur. These captured moments invite us to slow down, connect and experience the moment. If our exhibition accomplishes only one of these challenges, it will not be the time lost.


You can fins some inspiration in our video reportage from the opening in photo-gallery Trafačka in Nitra:

Formal requirements:

film & silver-gelatin prints  or historical/alternative/combined photographic techniques (digital process is allowed in combination with other techniques).


Place and date of the exhibition:

Premises of Filharmonia Świętokrzyská in Kielce (Poland), July-August 2016


Deadline for submitting entries:

31 March 2016.


Entry fee for submission:

10 GBP payable via PayPal or credit card (processed via PayPal)

You can pay the fee by clicking here


Number of submitted photographs:

please submit no more than 4 photographs from a finished or ongoing body of work.


Technical parametres:

we will provide passe-partouts for frames – 30 x 40 cm/ 40 x 50 cm/50 x 50 cm. Possibility to use own frames.


Artist statement:

hand-written text of a maximum length of 1 page (no minimal length) on a white sheet of paper (A4). The text may contain a short bio, description of work, story, poem, etc.


Selection criteria:

Photographs will be chosen after the professional assessment of technical/artistic quality.


You can send your works to:


Josefův Důl 836


Czech Republic


Last year the exhibition was shown in Žirovnice (July-October 2015). In Deecember it was opened in Slovakia, in a photo-gallery Trafačka in Nitra, when you can still see the works until 4 February 2016. Due to the character of premises in Kielce we have decided to announce another call for entries and double the number of exhibited works.

The author of the title photograph: Evla Vlašič