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Language of Art – Universal Language

Fotostory tells stories through language of art. Thanks to images we can share not only human history but also that of a landscape. Academia Anima Mundi from Kraków invites you to reflect on using the universal language of art in landscape photography. 


Language of Art – Universal Language. Landscape Photography.

5th Photographical-Anthropological Expedition, Kazimierz Dolny, 29th April – 3rd May

Join us to shoot in one of the most beautiful Polish towns – Kazimierz Dolny and its vicinity, located among the hills and gorges of middle-east Poland, at the Vistula river bank.

The mysterious structure of Life manifests endlessly through a relationship between polarities. There is no light without shade or no shade we can see if there is no light.

A man’s innate predilection to perceive life as a whole gives rise to his tendency of trying to understand the surrounding phenomena. Through life experience we gather knowledge in various fields and, even if today we are often required to enter a narrow path of specialization, a broad look at reality will courageously lead us beyond the narrow-minded goals. Creative work, the most natural to a human being, draws on a wealth of personal experience that feeds the intuition; unfettered intuition – suggests devices and directions.


Why should the above be said, if the plan for our Expedition is landscape photography? According to a definition „landscape is a picture or a photograph of a spacious surface of the earth seen from a certain point, but also generalisation of factors that makes up a phenomenon. Both figurative and metaphorical meaning of landscape requires wide open eyes and mind to comprehend the whole area in which, as it soon turns out, we find certain structures, rhythms and dominants. Only then we can, like a painter, photographer or an architect, design the space from scratch, using the characteristic to each of the art fields means of expression, in order to draw attention to the understood content, express emotions, fit new buildings so that they blend in with the old ones. Art fields, and among them, those, which during the Expedition will interest us most: painting, photography, architecture – what do they have in common? The universal means of communication – IMAGE – the one that can bring people together better than words, because it facilitates mutual understanding. What is such communication based on?  – knowledge how human psyche reacts to light, size, space, form and colour. Let us also remember the sound that the picture reveals, which might not be so obvious, however, as pointed out by painter Vassily Kandynski, is present in it.

You are welcome to join the 5th Photographical-Anthropological Expedition organized by Akademia Anima Mundi on 29th April – 3rd May 2015 in Kazimierz Dolny – a little old town which, through years, became an artistic mecca in Poland. To get all the detailed information please write to biuro@animamundi.com.pl


Text: Academia Anima Mundi