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Photostory – the Dark side of Budapest

The aim of Photostory is to present photographs of various places – famous and unknown – seen in a different light, from different perspectives. First, we introduce Kateřina Bukolská and her encounter with the dark side of the city of Budapest. We are looking forward to present more of your photostories. You can send your photos to dialogy@afuk.cz


the Dark side of Budapest


christ what a narrow passage …. so little space for parking? is this some
Hungarian joke? one look up and I´m watching in amazement
those cracked and dark facades of houses lining a small hidden hotel parking
… time has stopped here and me as well – what a lovely present moment



stairs underground, where are they going, what are the holes in the metal railing?
bustle around … tourists looking up at the monumental Parliament and workers
finishing construction of the Memorial of the Hungarian uprising in 1956 …I stop by, my macro lens choosing which holes to shoot … suddenly I know they are bullet holes…. I probably look ridiculous … a few inches from the wall, squatting with a camera in front of my nose … I´m slowly leaving …. I look back and see how the passers-by stop where I´ve just stooped and examine the holes … probably wondering what kind of stairs they are, where they lead to and what those holes are…



morning sun
U.S. Embassy
me as a pilgrim
hugging trunks
through the lens
I speak so softly
with respect
with the giant Sycamore

 photos and text – Kateřina Bukolská