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Light bearers from Krakow

For over 175 years it has been conveying ideas and information about the outside world, stimulating the imagination and emotions. In Greek, photography means „drawing with light“.


I try to imagine my hands as my eyes. What is it like to perceive light and color as abstract concepts from the realm of fantasy? I do not know and will never find out …

Our body has an amazing gift of adaptation and compensation. During my studies I met some great people who live in darkness. They went with us to the movies, rode bikes and naturally engaged in all activities. We also went to see exhibitions, but only those special „hands-on“ ones. Unlike sculptures and objects, paintings and photos are spatially ‚silent‘.


A fishing boy – Wojciech Buyko
Created in the 1920s-1930s

I am in the Museum of History of Photography in Krakow, Poland. I wish my friends with ‚seeing hands‘ could be here with me now. Two young women present here a project by MOFFIN Foundation, which has in cooperation with the Museum of History of Photography in Krakow developed a special method called MT3D (Multilayer Touch 3 Deep). It is about converting a visual image into a tactile version for blind and visually impaired. After consultation with the blind, they develop a multi-layer artistic template. This is then produced using 3D printing. At the same time the description in electronic and audio form is created. So far they have converted two photographs and a further eight are waiting for donors whose financial contributions will sponsor this challenging process.

Światłoryt (Light Relief Project) is a great example of the fusion of old and new, a classic and modern technology. It brings light to people who cannot see yet yearn to share beauty and art with the sighted.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed for ‚light bearers‘ from krakow!


For more information visit: http://swiatloryt.moffin.eu/?lang=en

Title photo: Portrait of a girl with a plait
Author: Julisz Mien’s Art Photo Lab, Krakow
Created in: 1893-1900