Once again, in america n lingo, “a keen egg-formed hole that contains a doughnut entered from the a good sausage”

Once again, in america n lingo, “a keen egg-formed hole that contains a doughnut entered from the a good sausage”

A great topological analog away from good relativistic, in your neighborhood curved room-big date locus to a space

Let me pause while the time. Can we replay one region? Thanks a lot. See how full geometry try a keen ellipsoidal prolate spheroidal cavity with which has a sandwich-area away from a good toroid traversed by the an excellent hyperbolic, non-linear Einstein-Rosen bridge. What exactly do these types of nested sphere seem like for your requirements, dear relatives? (Mix speak and you will comments). Naturally! What otherwise? A gap-time torus that have a keen Einstein-Rosen link linking its average factors! Here, women and you can men. there is the medical facts your motto of our own Order, the brand new dictum of the ancient sages, “As Significantly more than, Thus Lower than . Since Within this, So Rather than” was scientifically and you may neurophysiologically right and you may precisely thus! These molds, wh ich you-all recognise while the hyperspatial four-dimensional plots of land, really are magnetic-acoustical resonance spaces. Observe that these types of incredible geometries are definitely the involved effect of new magnetized fields of these six body organs enclosed by this new ventricles, beneath the rooftop of the choroid plexus and you can corpus callosum. Find what goes on basically deduct the field of even an excellent single organ, can you imagine the fresh pineal gland. Observe they change the complete structure?13 And you escort girl San Francisco may, basically range from the contribution of mamillary human anatomy, they merely w idens brand new tubing, correct? If in case i add the job from the reticular creation, the particular owner routine system, exchange and you can switchboard of your own notice in which all the swells is started, what exactly do we get? Second frame, please? We have a canal combining towards the chief ellipsoid al occupation. On the display screen, simple fact is that lime colored grid.

Incidentally, We displayed it filmstrip and you will discussed my idea and equations which have Professor Penrose, exactly who appeared interested in the beginning, however, really politely refuted any more comment or relationship beside me thereafter

To summarize, what is actually our very own Middle-Brain or Internal Hole? It’s good relativistic spatio-temporal cavity with local enfolded hyperspatial bridges you to goes through harmonic resonances to magnetized and you can acoustical stimuli. This new effects are nearly astronomical, if i are able to use the definition of, since the a product and you may system considering this unique medical recommendations ensures that our mind it’s actually the one and only a biological place-big date energy transducer. As a result, it will make not simply room, as well as date. Our anci ent Chinese ancestors was able one “brand new Tao was in all of our head”, quite simply, all World was a student in our lead! My own personal inference from this data would be the fact area and you may day is actually generally naturally modulated, perhaps even formulated, having my personal equations sh ow one opportunity. Is to it user friendly scientific sense feel right, then it manage demolish physics, biology, viewpoints and you may theology in one single, clean blow.

14 In my opinion the guy realized the latest impact on the book principle. He or she is nevertheless believing that quantum technicians ‚s the solution to explain brain qualities and you will consciousness. I disagree. I do believe it is Standard Relativity and Good Community a la Einstein, sheer and simple. Quantum phenomena is not the result in, but simply the result, and manufacturing is not statistical. It is wholeheartedly deterministic, not remaining in order to possibility, however, to truthfully formulated potentials, perhaps not industries. The new potentials are definitely the bring about, the brand new sphere will be the consequences. In simple terms, sheer magnetism and s ound will be the potentials. Electricity is the field. Magnetism and you can sound do not “travel” as such, getting he is naturally enfolded in space and are generally every-where. It’s the interference one travels. As well, electronic fees, and therefore stamina, does take a trip, whilst means an actual physical medium. It’s noticeable that individuals nevertheless do not understand both magnetism otherwise the genuine characteristics off sound.