Negan try escorted blindfolded from trees by Beta therefore the Whisperers immediately following becoming captured

Negan try escorted blindfolded from trees by Beta therefore the Whisperers immediately following becoming captured

One nights, Negan is trotting within the woods and you can arrives at certainly new limitations. The guy yells to find the Whisperers‘ appeal and you may actually starts to rating in the middle of a small grouping of walkers. When he starts crushing its brains, they are all of a sudden tossed towards ground by Beta. „Ok, your huge ass freak, let’s do this,“ Negan says defiantly so you can Beta as he grins.


He laughs about their life and says he would like to signup them. Beta places his blades to help you Negan’s mouth area and you may requires that he is actually noisy. Negan apologizes and you may brings up himself, just before discussing he’s become a prisoner off Alexandria to own seven decades and that’s ready to show their gifts. Beta relents and you may gags Negan as they remain the stroll.

Up on to arrive back during the camp, Negan lies by himself and you will watches because the Beta argues which have Alpha right after which kneels into the submitting to ask on her forgiveness. The guy grins at the their correspondence immediately after which try taken from the Beta to another an element of the trees. Whenever you are taking walks, Negan mocks Beta’s reference to Leader and you can humor that he’s drawn by the girl baldness.

Later on you to definitely big date, Negan is actually pushed from the Beta to-do a few tasks, including looking graves, skinning walkers, and help have a look good boar to show his worthiness. You to night, Beta informs Negan he hasn’t acquired the ability to eat together and you can puts your to your ground. Negan accumulates themselves and you will lies having some other Whisperer which offers particular food with your.

After ward, Negan is pulled by Beta to walk certainly one of certainly one of their herds regarding trees as the their latest task. When Negan initiate and also make jokes once again, Beta tells him he’ll not among them once the they are as well loud and you will egotistical. „I am not saying right here to you personally, I am right here to have Leader,“ Negan says. Beta eliminates a Whisperer as a result and you will treks out, making Negan in order to fend for themselves that have a pocket-knife. He seems to avoid the fresh new herd and you will minds into the woods back to new camp.

The following day, a blood-protected Negan gets to the fresh camp requiring an effective skinsuit having himself which have an additional size on account of their humongous testicle. The guy kneels and you will raises himself so you’re able to Leader. „I’m all-in, anything you want, any sort of I experienced, it is your own“, Negan tells the lady. Leader leans right down to nepal chat room free online sniff your and you will shushes him to signal she welcomes him.


And have food in the camp on Whisperers, Negan quietly sees Gamma’s scared behavior. Then he listens from afar since Leader talks that have Beta and you may Gamma on the a potential spy on the go camping, and you may deduces it would be Gamma since this woman is next to Leader. 24 hours later, Negan experiences Alpha on camp’s latrine and you will informs the woman their principle one Gamma ‚s the traitor due to his earlier event. Alpha retains a blade in order to his snatch and you can informs your not so you can sow paranoia regarding go camping, caution when the he or she is completely wrong she’s going to slash his testicle of. She upcoming tosses your on her bathroom abandon and you will makes.

Sometime later you to definitely day, Negan are drawn of the Alpha deep regarding the forest. Once they avoid, she sales him to help you strip down. Negan, thinking Alpha’s planning to destroy your, acknowledges the benefit he’d over the Saviors turned into him for the a monster. Surprisingly, he converts around to get a hold of Alpha completely nude. She says the guy is worth a beneficial crass reward to possess discovering new spy. Negan’s captivated because the she will continue their mask towards the and you may wonders in the event that she’ll decapitate him such as for example a lady praying mantis afterwards, but she cannot answer him and smirks. He says he’s going to take his odds plus the a few hug.