Inside „2100°“, Carlos is visible at firehouse towards the 126 as well as their friends so you can enjoy Owen’s remission

Inside „2100°“, Carlos is visible at firehouse towards the 126 as well as their friends so you can enjoy Owen’s remission

Once TK recovered out-of their coma, we come across the pair of them from the a juice pub where it explore their matchmaking and just how Carlos sensed solid emotions as he was not certain that TK perform wake up or otherwise not and you may TK responded he still need to check if he would like to remain in that career and you will condition just before figuring aside in the event that he wishes a relationship which have Carlos. Carlos unwillingly agrees incase it initiate leaving, a shuttle collision happens in the front of the attention. TK went to increase the girl stuck throughout the coach with the girl a few legs broken if you are Carlos got proper care of people around the scene, waiting around for the fresh new 126 ahead and help her or him. TK torn their stitches aside after too much effort and you will Owen sent your toward healthcare to own a look at you to definitely. Immediately after TK returned regarding medical, the guy informs this new firecrew the guy generated their decision and you can decided to stay static in the fresh 126 and you will shortly after a talk with their dad, the guy watched Carlos awaiting him at access of one’s station where it show an embrace. At night, TK and you may Carlos try laying on automobile’s hood seeing the latest aurora borealis considering the solar violent storm in which Carlos asked TK exactly what he or she is thinking of and you may TK answered which he believes they build good „decent group“ together with her, Carlos decided and you can TK grabbed Carlos‘ submit their because they display a peek.

Season a couple

As of season several, the pair was relationships getting four days, Carlos became closer to TK and some people in the 126: Paul, Marjan and Mateo, as we see them every hanging out together on Carlos‘ household. Afterwards during the „Back to the fresh new Seat“, we see the couple flirt after TK together with remainder of the new 126 got on the person that is capturing from the Owen and you will Tommy. After, he and you can TK speak about Gwyn existence forever during the Strand’s domestic and you may TK states that Owen and Gwyn are in the „honeymoon period“, Carlos answering one to „people last a bit.“. Upcoming, TK asks Carlos whenever are the guy probably meet Carlos‘ mothers but Carlos dodges the question and you can requires TK if the the guy wishes much more punch. Later on in the event, immediately following Tim’s demise, TK goes toward Carlos‘ household and you can Carlos try waiting for him to the his stairways, TK guides around your and you can falls inside the Carlos‘ arms to have morale.

Carlos will not come from inside the crossover occurrence with 9-1-1 but TK states your in order to Dollar as he says to your that he already possess a sweetheart and this the relationships was very really serious

For the „Family members With Positives“, we come across TK and Carlos in addition to Paul and you will Mateo watching elizabeth. Whenever TK goes toward rating beverages in their eyes, the fresh new bartender flirts that have him and you can Carlos interrupts your by the stating that he’s TK’s boyfriend and therefore he could be a cop and then he informs TK which he likes individuals to know that TK is his. Later on regarding the occurrence, when you are being at this new character market, they find Carlos‘ mothers and you can Carlos raises TK once the his buddy. The happy couple return to Carlos‘ household and you may endeavor on which merely happened, TK furious you to in the event Carlos is out to help you their moms and dads, the guy however failed to introduce your given that his boyfriend. Carlos says to him that it is harder next that and you to definitely their moms and dads be traditional than simply TK’s and that the guy will not should „scrub its noses inside it“. TK was pissed you to Carlos won’t should „scrub its noses regarding fact that the guy [Carlos] has actually somebody who wants your and you may exactly who he supposedly loves right back“ and he simply leaves the house. Once a dialogue with his mothers am, TK dates back in order to pure dating app Carlos‘ domestic and sit to speak about their battle, next Carlos says to your that he showed up to help you his moms and dads as he are seventeen but that while they took it well, it never discussed they since. TK says to your upcoming one to he’s going to happily be Carlos‘ „friend, associate otherwise private buyer“ for as long as Carlos demands.