Along with, in fact, this new CPD has no real rules against relationships otherwise being married towards the spouse

Along with, in fact, this new CPD has no real rules against relationships otherwise being married towards the spouse

What Voight said is actually possible

Jay had the proper tip seeking rescue Voight away from himself. Years ago, I really don’t consider however believe that are you can easily. Voight might have done any kind of he had been gonna would, while the only person that could have prevented your will have already been Al. Incase one to don’t performs, Al might have merely assisted. Jay wouldn’t was able to avoid your. Everything is some other now. Jay understands they have an effect on Voight, and can even be able to publication your on the a slightly most useful path. Whenever Voight begged Jay to turn him into the and never fool around with everything up against North within the nine?09 (while the, he was worried about Jay’s conscience), it had been Jay whom decided if you don’t to store Hailey and you can rejected to give Voight upwards. Jay discovered an easier way to get Paco to talk when you look at the event twelve, as opposed to crossing outlines whenever Voight warned him he would accomplish that when the Jay would not discover a clean solution from it. Jay’s question right here involved Anna’s child. That is why the guy introduced it up so you can Hailey inside their argument about garage. If Anna went along to prison, her son is added to the brand new promote system. His bro and you can dad try each other lifeless.

Hailey was supposed a little outrageous together with her holier-than-thou thinking. That was perhaps not the amount of time. They were with the a-clock, so I’m grateful people merely ran over to manage exactly what called for as done. When Kim questioned Hailey if she is actually coming, that was the purpose Hailey must make up your mind – often remain about, as you never agree otherwise let them go-by on their own. I know she’d squeeze into Jay, because the she was not browsing leave your out there versus backup.

She is undertaking exactly what Jay i did so, overcompensating by the heading all the way regarding other direction, because of how it happened with Walton. Jay did so it for a long time, overcompensating for just what taken place that have Knox into the Afghanistan of the seeking feel a black colored-and-white/from the guide policeman. Hailey try really by the guide whenever she inserted Intelligence, so this is just how she started in seasons 5. Yet not, she must discover an equilibrium same as Jay in the end performed. Kim certainly was not acting holier-than-thou inside episode, and none are Kevin. And you will, these are typically others a couple police who happen to be more like Jay during the going by the publication.

The fresh “you decide to go where I go” motif could have been the thing once the 12 months six

Many people appear to consider this really is a setup to own splitting Jay and you can Hailey right up as the partners. Zero, Really don’t observe that taking place. The newest inform you isn’t really dumb sufficient to accomplish that, knowing the backlash they get. Neither really does the NYPD.

While you are Voight did come back to his old models getting a beneficial if you are, he advised Anna he couldn’t merely let her get off urban area during the one to standoff in the street. The guy wouldn’t keeps informed her one, in the event that he was really planning to let the woman avoid as specific admirers appear to be insisting. He had been trying speak the woman down, since the she is actually unraveling alot more and you may panicking. There were so many witnesses now. She failed to merely get-off urban area, and then he realized that.

Anna’s dying try therefore sad, however, I know which is just how this would end-all seasons. I recently know they, specifically immediately following a week ago. Some people believe Voight have a tendency to hold a good grudge facing Jay and you may Hailey for Anna’s passing. I really don’t think-so. In the event that anything, he will blame themselves. That it whole occurrence involved him looking to save your self Anna, since the guy felt guilty to possess getting their from this. Voight have to have pulled Anna when she requested becoming taken, and you may she said she need aside the other day. elizabeth himself because of it. If this explanations him to switch to the top otherwise tough is still around viewed. It can wade either way. In my opinion this finale offered while the a great back to where it started time in order to in which we had been history seasons finale that have Hailey. I’m grateful this woman is trying be much better, but there is however an equilibrium.